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  1. I don't know how to create that group, but if you send the task to all machines it will skip the ones with the current agent installed.
  2. You currently cannot Update agents via the dashboard, only the Security Software. To update the agents you have to create a upgrade security management center components task and run that on the outdated machines.
  3. Hello, today I set up 2 Factor Security for my Eset Business Account and noticed that it didn't work with Google Authenticator. Is it possible to set it up with a different Authenticator App than the one from Eset? Kind regards Martin
  4. Sorry if this is not the correct section for this thread. I got no notifications via RSS Feed or in the ESMC Dashboard for the release of EFSW 7.2 or EES 7.3.2041 There are also no stickied posts for these products.
  5. Description: Configure SNMP via Webinterface Detail: Currently for the ESMC appliance the only way to configure SNMP is by editing snmpd.conf. The default snmpd.conf also has no preconfigured options for SNMP v3 making it even more difficult to securely monitor the ESMC appliance.
  6. Description: Task trigger for x amount of time after joining dynamic groupDetail: Currently a task can be executed immediately when the computer joins a dynamic group or periodically ever x amount of time. I'd like to request an additional trigger to start the task a few iminutes after the computer joins the dynamic group so that it has enough time to check additional tasks e.g scan installed software. We are trying to implement the following procedure to install Endpoint Security: Install Agent -> Computer joins dynamic Group (Windows Desktops) -> Agent scans installed programs to
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