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  1. Yes, was leaving the ini. Didn't mean to imply I would delete that. Ok on "no guaranties".......I believe ESET will be fine as well. Thanks !!
  2. Thanks you guys !! There is under Program Files an ESTMC folder with an exe and ini file but no uninstaller. I did find the startup shortcut at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, which has the shortcut to ESETMC.exe and a desktop.ini file. So think this is why it appears in the start menu, I should be able to delete the contents of this folder, maybe re-enabling it in startup apps before doing so. I couldn't find any other remnants anywhere else. Thanks again to you guys !! Its nice when a hack like me can get real help. I'm not as PC savvy as I on
  3. HA !! Well, "That Guy" is me ! This is a PowerSpec and silly me I should have put 2 and 2 together, ESET + MC (MicroCenter) = ESETMC. A custom installer and exactly right as to why ESET's removal tool couldn't find anything to remove. Even tried a general removal tool suggested by the MicroCenter tech (odd they don't even know their own stuff) and it couldn't find it either. Appreciate all the replies !! Attached the exe for anyone curious.... ESETMC.zip
  4. New PC (Win10 Pro, v2004) and was prompted during 1st boot-up to start ESET Trial version, declined, then was was prompted if I wanted ESET removed, which I acknowledged yes. The trail version deleted just fine but ESETMC still appears in start-up apps. I downloaded the eset removal tool and it didnt find anything to remove. How do you uninstall or otherwise delete this orphan ?? If left enabled it throws multiple windows warnings in the event log. PS: I have an Eset license on my old PC that eventually will get transferred to this new one. Thanks, Bjw
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