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  1. Disabling the PiHole did not change anything. I've also tried installing ESET NOD32 on my laptop, which I use from the exact same network, and I had no issue on that machine. I've even plugged the laptop on a wired connection to make sure there was no difference between ethernet and Wi-Fi, and the laptop has no issue whatsoever. There was no inadvertent blocking of the communication to Eset's server. Even connecting a PC straight to the ISP modem, bypassing the router, the Pihole, and everything else on the network, the issue remains. The Wireshark capture also shows that the communi
  2. The PiHole is a separate device on the network that is the DNS server for the PC that encounters the issue. It is not running directly on the same computer. I've also tried overriding the DNS server on the Windows computer to point directly to (bypassing the PiHole), but it did not change anything with the issue described in this thread. I've also had no issue resolving update.eset.com to an IP, so I don't think there's a DNS issue here.
  3. I'm running a PiHole on the network that uses CloudFlare & Google as upstream (again, same as before the PC upgrade).
  4. Everything else on my network is the same as on our previous computer, down the the same ethernet cable. I didn't notice that issue back then. I've just notice that a modules update just went through successfully, despite not having changed anything. I wonder if there's something with ISP congestion somewhere on the link between my network and the update servers. I'll run PingPlotter for a while and share results.
  5. My bad, I did the capture on the loopback adapter. I've attached a capture of a failed update attempt from the outbound network interface. There is no other anti-virus or security solution installed on the devices, except the default Windows Defender. eset-nod32-update-attempt-ethernet.zip
  6. Using the offline installer, I'm able to complete the installation (including, I think, the activation?). But downloading the modules fail. When attempting to collect logs with the Log Collector, the ESET SysInspector download seems to fail. I only was able to successfully collect the logs when unchecking "ESET SysInspector log". I've attached those logs. I've also attached a Wireshark npcap log for a (failed) update attempt. eav_logs.zip
  7. Hi! Since I've upgraded to a new PC, I'm unable to install ESET NOD32 Antivirus. When using the Live Installer, the installation doesn't even start, and displays an error saying that my Internet connection hasn't been found. Every other program has a fine Internet connection, and I'm able to ping update.eset.com with no issue. This is the error window: I've also attempted to use the Offline installer. With it, the installation works, but then the antivirus never succeeds at updating its modules, even after several days of attempts. The exact same behavior also occ
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