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  1. Hello, I have a query regarding the ESET Antivirus for Mac When we trigger a queryfor a MacBook user (Scan with Clean-up) on some Mac devices it clean the files and some devices it dont(Just show in detection). Why is that happening? Any specific reason behind this one? Regards, Mak
  2. Hello, I'm new member of ESET forum. I want to deploy Eset Enpoint Antivirus on 20 Macbooks. 1. Is there any deployment method available? (Remote Deployment) 2. We have Intune Deployment on our MacBooks, Is there any way I can deploy ESET Antivirus through intune to Macbooks Kindly let me know thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to install the "epi_mac_live_installer.pkg" on Mac Running on OS Mac Catalina. Always getting error installation failed. (attached Error) Could you please help me with that? Thanks,
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