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  1. Is it confirmed that Eset Internet Security 10 final version will be launched next Tuesday, October 25 th?
  2. Marcos, Thanks a lot for your reply! I know that Spymaster is a commercial spyware, but otherwise if it was malicious... Would be possible that ESET's HIPS could detect the behavior related to a common spyware tool. That is only a suggestion of someone who like a lot ESET's products and admire the knowledge and capacity of all your team. Best regards!
  3. The question is: can ESET detect unknown threat like spyware just based on its behavior using HIPS module? Having always the need of creating a specific signature to detect each new threat that appears on the market is not a smart way to face zero day threats very common nowadays. ESET has one of the best signatures on the market but they are not enough to stop very new threats....that is my opinion.
  4. I personally consider very important that a security solution offers protection against all kind of malware, including spywares. Well, I know a software which is sold as a Spyware named Spymaster that ESET cannot detect. Here is the address for downloading: hxxp://www.syncsoft.com.br/downloads/spymaster.html?down=on ESET Smart Securtity 9 Beta could detect this spyware professional using its HIPS module to detect as strange and non normal behavior. Is it possible to create this functionality for this spyware and other similar products on the market? Thanks in advance!
  5. Does anyone know when ESET will launch 2015 beta version products for testing purposes? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm running OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and the latest version of Eset Cyber Security.
  7. I have tested on a iMac the Eset Cyber Security. The problem is sometimes I feel the system running slow. For instance, when I am running my browser and copying some information to Evernote system freezes for some seconds. When I used Avast Antivirus for Mac reproducing the same condition this not happened. But I do really prefer Eset over Avast, considering Eset offers better protection.
  8. I do really think next Eset's version could implement a system to notify users about third party software updates as Avast already does on its free version antivirus. I also think Eset should to make its HIPS module much stronger to deals better with zero day threats. Thanks!
  9. Aryeh, Thanks a lot for letting us know in details about the significance of Eset's code number. I am enjoying a lot new Eset's forum! Congratulations!
  10. I'd like to see in future versions of Eset Smart Security a Sandbox. Many security software companies on the market already offer this resource on their products. I consider a Sandbox one of the best ways to deal with zero day threats. I think all the Eset users would appreciate to count with a Eset`s sandbox. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.
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