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  1. Hi Tom, It appears to query the repository every six seconds. There are thousands of these (attached text file showing more) We are using ESMC version 7.1.503.0 - it's not causing any issues but i would like to understand why it's doing it. Regards. DNS-queries.txt
  2. Thanks for your reply, the DNS queries are coming from the ESET Security Management Center not from the devices with ESET installed. I have attached a log which shows one page of the requests.
  3. Hello, Not a technical issue but more of a question. I have noticed that our ESET Security Management Server queries the ESET repository a LOT! It’s doing more DNS queries than any other device on the network. These are just A and AAA lookups. I am using the virtual appliance (running CentOS) If anyone can shed any light on why there are so many queries I would be interested to know. Thanks, Shane
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