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  1. Is there a solution to this problem yet? I started having crashes and restarts a month or so ago when eset updated to 6 on my MacBook Pro. I communicated with eset and Apple. Around the time the moderator posted on 4/16/14, the Genius Bar erased my hard drive and re-installed Mavericks. I've been afraid to download eset 6 since I don't know if I will start having crashes again. If it is a conflict with another app, I might. However, I also wanted to mention that Apple could not run their usual tests for Mavericks because, they said, "whatever operating system" I was running would not allow the tests. Has anyone else had that problem? I had downloaded Mavericks when it first came out, and I always installed all updates as soon as they came out. Somehow, it seems maybe Mavericks never fully installed properly. I'm wondering now if other people might have had the same problem. Since eset 5 is supposed to run with earlier versions of OSX, and eset 6 is supposed to work with Mavericks, I'm just wondering if people are getting crashes because they aren't completely running Mavericks. Also wondering if eset might have impacted the download and installation of Mavericks and the updates way back when. Anyway, is it safe now to download eset 6 again?
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