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  1. I've been getting this issue with 6.0.13, so it isn't entirely fixed in that build either.
  2. @Peter Randziak — do you want me to send along my crash log somewhere as followup to my just-filed Customer Care support request?
  3. You can add me as another data point for just had my first kernel panic crash due to 'esets_proxy' — I've got ESET Cyber Security installed & current on my late '11 MacBook Pro, and installing yesterday's OS X Update 10.9.3 seems to have kicked it over into being a problem; I would occasionally see little bursts of high CPU activity that seemed to be associated with ESETS before that, but not to the point where it would cause system-level problems. However, when my computer was rebooting after the system update installation yesterday, I got a gray screen flashing over my desktop af
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