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  1. hello Marcos sorry, now in the attached file there is the configuration with the exclusions, I also attach a screeshot where it is noted how the real-time scan continues to analyze the excluded network path Thanks doc1.pdf eav_logs.zip
  2. good morning marcos the required log is attached eav_logs.zip
  3. good morning marcos thanks for the prompt reply, the application used resides on a server and is accessible via network path. With the real-time scan active, despite the exclusion of the network path, the application becomes very slow. If you completely disable the real-time scan or disable the scan on the network paths, the application will work correctly again I have not tried the test with the eicar file but also the visualization of the files checked in real time confirms to me that the exclusion of network paths is not considered I also confirm that the problem did not arise with pr
  4. Good morning eset does not respect the exclusions set I set the exclusion of some network paths but they are still scanned in real time, creating significant slowdowns in the execution of the application that is called If I completely exclude all network locations, real-time scanning is not performed The problem occurs only with version, on a windows 7 pc with version the problem does not occur
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