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  1. People installing this product are obviously security conscious, and with that in mind, I'm sure a lot of us have our phones and/or SD cards encrypted. The SMS to lock the screen is great, but a feature that would be amazing to have an SMS message that reboots or shuts down the phone. When the phone is powered on and the password is entered, the key for the encryption is loaded into memory and even though the screen can be locked by SMS or the built in timeout feature, it still always worries me that someone can attempt to bypass those protections though the USB port or any other method (and/o
  2. I see this issue was reproduced In February. Please tell me you are close to a fix here soon or a decent work around. This is causing major major issues and I find myself completely disabling my firewall time to time when I'm in a pinch and HAVE to get an application working. This issue is pretty much a deal breaker for me if this isn't fixed pretty soon. I'm surprised its taking this long.
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