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  1. You may be right.. I clearly had a virus before I formatted the drive, since Windows started to behave in a very suspicious way - opening "help" windows countless times, especially when I disconnected the internet (suspicious..), making it almost impossible to operate anything. I could barely rescue the data I had there. At the same time I couldn't run any anti virus software back then.. On the other hand, the system started to be non responsive (can't click or use the keyboard) several months before this behavior occured (and now it's much more severe). It's possible those two
  2. Thank you for the reply! Please note, as I mentioned, the system stop responding (in the exact same way - UI stop responding after a while) even when I run Kaspersky Rescue disk's interface with both drives disconnected.. So how can it be that the problem derives from Windows/hard drives?
  3. Hi everyone! Recently I encountered a deadly and very persistent virus. It disabled my operating system (Windows 10) almost completely, no matter what I did (including in safe mode and with no internet), while opening countless times Microsoft's support/help page in my internet browsers. I succeeded (barely..) to reinstall Windows (without formatting the drive), but Windows couldn't launch.. Then, after doing a low level format to both my main drive and my SSD drive, I tried to install Windows - both Windows 10 and Windows 7, but no matter what I did, Windows Setup stop responding (can'
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