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  1. The http proxy was enabled as "use global settings". I changed not to use proxy and the problem was solved. Thank you.
  2. Performed the configuration equal to the link below however the access denied error. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3641/?viewlocale=en_US Any suggestion?
  3. Track in safe mode version 6.1.2227.3 Somebody achieved success? The Endpoint did not perform any action in safe mode!
  4. The problem was in the client firewall configuration. Problem solved. Thank you!
  5. The difference between networks "main" and "subnet" is in Ips range. Home network: 192.x.x.x Subnet: 172.x.x.x The mirror is in the network "192.xxx", All machines of this ip range update. The machines on the subnet "172.xxx" can not get the mirror Updates Error message: Unauthorized access Through the internet the range of 172 machines update. My question is: Is there a different configuration to run the ESET console in this scenario?
  6. The machines that are on the subnet not update through the mirror. Note: Machines are the main network update normally using the same configuration. Is there some setting I can do for the subnet stations seek updates from the main network?
  7. I am having problem starting the installation of ERA on Ubuntu 4.14 LTS server. Error message: Status of current installation is: NEW Generating GUID ... done [GUID = 337a2616-ae63-4af6-8bef-dd4b20ed0c67] Checking database connection ... failure Error: Admin connection not working. Unable to continue. Other users are with the same problem as link below: https://forum.eset.com/topic/4639-problem-installing-era-server-on-fresh-ubuntu-server-1404-x64/ https://forum.eset.com/topic/4841-installation-era6-on-opensuse-failed/ Any suggestion?
  8. Dear, Solved the problem adding the IP of the site "nfse.pmfi.pr.gov.br" in protocol filtering -> IP Addresses excluded Problem solved. Thank you.
  9. I need to create a setting to block HTTPS facebook but access to the site below has to be released. Site to be released https://nfse.pmfi.pr.gov.br/giig/Portais/PortalNFSE/ Site to be blocked https://facebook.com Problem: When configuring SSL tracking both sites are blocked. Nfse already added the site in the exclusion list but without success.
  10. In the Action column reported the message "There was infected files". What does this mean? The threat was excluded? Attached Image
  11. The version installed on the client notebook is Smart Security 6. I can not install another version for the c: drive is locked. At the moment I have no information if the notebook is Dell.
  12. Dear, One of our customers have activated the anti-theft and phantom account. Reported that their PC had been lost and then recovered. The detail is that now he only has access to phantom account. You are not able to access the c: \ drive. I was searching on kb.eset.com infomado to contact the technicians of ESET. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop is not opening the graphical interface in Ubuntu 12.10. I click the antivirus icon and it does not open. Already reinstalled ubuntu and antivirus however unsuccessfully. Ubuntu 12:10 Eset nod32 version 4.0.79 What can is occurring?
  14. After removing the ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange and carry out security updates for Windows. Was reinstalled ESET Mail Security but antispam protection from the e-mail does not filter any spam. Note: I spent the case for ESET and am awaiting, but I wonder if you ever had this experience? The messages are not being marked [sPAM] even with this feature enabled. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Versão do ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Versão: 4.5.10015.0
  15. The client who was infected with the pc decided to format since the computer had other problems. Thanks for the help.
  16. The tools available to eleminação ESET's virus was not capable of identifying the threat. Probably is a new variant of the virus. The tool provided by ESET removes the variants: Win32/Olmarik.AGF Win32/Olmasco.R The variant is that the PC is infected: Win32/Olmarik.AYN Win32/Olmasco.AD It is not possible to send a sample because the file is mentioned as infected explorer.exe
  17. What procedure do you normally use to delete virus Memory? One of our clients is with the virus: Win32/Olmarik.AYN Win32/Olmasco.AD Log Information Working memory = explorer.exe (3932) - a variant of Win32/Olmarik.AYN Trojan - can not clear Working memory = explorer.exe (3932) - a variant of Win32/Olmasco.AD Trojan - can not clear Procedures performed however unsuccessfully. 1 - Tracking profunto with high level cleaning enabled 2 - Tracking in safe mode 3 - ESET Online scan 4 - Stand alone removes malware What can I perform another procedure to remove this virus
  18. Solved the problem by disabling the option "trace ports in the range" and ticked the option "apply ping command on computers." Located the machine and installed remotely successful. A doubt! The xml file integrated in the package is not being set in antivirus. The "remote administration" and "update" are pointed to my server, however when the install antivirus does not load the edited settings in the package. What can it be?
  19. I can not find through search tasks, computers with Linux operating system - Ubuntu. The research method I'm using is crawling through the IP How do I find these computers for remote installation?
  20. The antivirus and installed correctly, when the machine is restarted to complete the installation appears error de egui.exe . The machine has no antivirus installed
  21. I wonder if there is any way to delete computers automatically from remote administrator console, because sometimes happens to some computer problem and I have no way to find out the name, then it is in the manager as yet exist.
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