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  1. I don't know why it didn't set the right one.
  2. I have solved the problem. I have new installed ubuntu20.04. Only I as a user cannot call it up. It only works under root. But now I have another problem. I cannot enter my license code. Username and password do not work. I have registered but it does not work with this login. Again something that does not work. Bad.
  3. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, that's it. I also installed libappindicator1.
  4. Okay. So now I have to reinstall the entire ubuntu system. or I'm gonna have to give up eset. I will decide.I've been troubleshooting for about 5 days. I do not want to have the same problem with the next upgrade. Thanks for the help. good job from you !
  5. No, I don't get a message at all. Nothing. Unfortunately no possibility of error search. I don't feel like searching for hours either. That's what you do with open source but not with closed source. Closed source must work. Thanks for your help.
  6. Yeah, I guess I will. But the support system of eset is very badly done. Instead of just opening a ticket and writing you can't find your way around.
  7. I uninstall through the ESET uninstall wizard. Everything seems to work on the command line. Thanks for your help.
  8. yes i have the icon. That was a mistake. I have now uninstalled and installed the program several times but the gui does not start. What can I do now? Do I really have to reinstall the whole system?
  9. Yes, I have installed this version. There was no error during the installation. If I call in the bin/eset_gui nothing happens. I have installed and uninstalled it several times now. It is always the same.
  10. I have uninstalled the trial version and installed the license version. Now the gui does not open anymore. Can anyone help me? Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x86_64 kernel: 5.6.15-050615-generic
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