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  1. I have just recently recieved a boot degradation error on the mbam service at startup. The degrade was 14 seconds at startup, so I am going to try and delay the mbam startup as there is a setting for that in their dashboard. Other than that no performance hits. I just wanted to point out that i reset the MBAM protection to delay for 15 seconds at startup. The setting is in "Advanced Settings" and it is defaulted at 15 seconds so that is where i left it. I completely shutddown my laptop and then booted and the startup was 38 seconds in Event Viewer Boot times. No degrade.
  2. I appreciate your concern Marcos but I have had this file checked before by other reputable security suites and as it does come back as a modified program or hack tool or whatever each company wants to call it I have felt safe using it in the past. I have had it rechecked so many times I'm sure my laptop is not in any danger using it. I should have been clearer in saying I was new to ESET not the computer security world. I have ran about 50% of all the reputable AV's and security suites but I find so many of them gorged on unnecessary bloat. I wanted to try ESET as it seems to have a very light footprint although as I said earlier it's user CP seems a little advanced. It sure isn't a set and forget AV. Thanks for your reply.
  3. I have had this file checked before and the report I got back from a reputable company was that it's considered a Hacktool. I think because maybe it's been modified? I'm not sure but I have ran it before and excluded it with other programs so I feel safe using it. When I set up the exclusion I set it up this way: C:\ program we are excluding*.* Is this not correct?
  4. First off I am new to ESET Nod32 AV 2014 and after I installed I changed a few things in the settings but I'm not sure if I got them right. I looked around for a tutorial on after install configuring but could only find user guide which helps but it would be nice to have a step by step. Anyway on to my post. I excluded a couple of folders in the EXCLUSION section and because I wanted the whole folder excluded I added *.* to the end of the path and clicked OK. I did a smart scan and noticed the folder that I had excluded in the THREAT section. Did I do something wrong on the way I added the wildcard? I used the user guide setting and that is the way they said asterisk period asterisk *.* Is this right?
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