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  1. SSL setting is disabled as per default on my system and on client systems.
  2. I understand that there is no Banking & Security browser in endpoint security, but would like to know why my machine behaves differently to several of my clients. If I enter a banking site a padlock appears in the address bar, and when you hover over the lock it shows "Verified by ESET, sprol, s.r.o.". My client systems do not show this message, but we have the same browsers (Firefox & Edge) and the same version of Endpoint Security (7.2.2055.0). Their browsers allow you to click on the padlock and show a certificate issued by the bank, but no mention of ESET. I originally had ESET Internet Security which had the secure banking browser, but updated to Endpoint when I replaced my machine. Are my clients getting full security when they do their banking? Am I? Are we better using ESET Internet Security?
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