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  1. I take that back: etes was NOT installed....earlier on we uninstalled a preloaded version of Office.... NOW I have to figure out how to get that up and running.
  2. Well, got on with MicroCenter tech support, uninstalled the pre loaded version, and installed a purchased version from the etes site and used the key to activate...got the proper activation form and it went well. See pic. NOT looking forward to attempting to activate Office-- Tech support wouldn't/couldn't stay on the line with me long enough to resolve password issue with my MS account, so we didn't get to try the Office activation, which he told me WOULD most likely give me problems. Oh joy! I call back to MicroCenter, and they're not accepting calls into the hold queue any longer.
  3. State Dropdown is inactive---without State, registration form is incomplete, and cannot be submitted.
  4. Looking at your screen grab, MY eset activation form looks nothing like yours...there is no Use a purchased License Key option. Here's what I have::
  5. I'll do what I can---Windows 10 is a brand new operating system to me and I am still picking my way thru it. On the hold with MicroCenter Tech support now....waiting....waiting. Thanks!
  6. Yes, got the key and everything else, the activation form does not work because I cannot enter my State...that drop down menu is greyed-out/inactive. Waiting on Ignore with MicroCenter now...They wouldn't answer their phones yesterday, only gave a recording saying they were busy and to go to the website(s). You would think that, due to call volume on a weekend, they would make sure they had sufficient staffing...
  7. Well, apparently it is needed to finish filling out the form (it even has the Red * asterisk) and will not allow submission of the form. Clicking on the State drop down does nothing at all... ;-( Thanks for replying tho'.
  8. Just bought a new Powerspec system at Microcenter, Bethel Rd, Columbus and sprung for the 3 year eset coverage. When I go to activate the software, it will not allow me to select my state (Ohio) when I select my country (United States)--therefore I cannot REGISTER, and CANNOT ACTIVATE. Nice job, eset!
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