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  1. Yeah, I told my customer to change FTP/SSH and database passwords already ... Thanks!
  2. I took a code backup and deleted the old code which made it work again. Thanks for your answers guys
  3. Yes, I am the sites admin (should have mentioned that 😀) and I want to replace the infected files with the none infected version. If I knew the paths to the files(s) it would be no problem ...
  4. Alright, can you give me a hint how to get the infected files? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, Its not the real domain, I changed it :-). Is the malware in a JS file or could it also be PHP?
  6. In Chrome and Opera (not in Firefox) the JS/Spy.Agent.AH malware is being found be Eset. The malware was found in https://example.com/checkout/onepage/, so it does not say in which file. How do I know where the malware is hidden? Any advice? This is how it looks like in the logs: Thanks!
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