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  1. Hello Nightowl, excuse me for my late answer! I didnt expected a second reply. Thank you for your adivce. I even considered to change Adblock Plus to uBlock. I will change it shortly. And i didn't know uMatrix but i will have a look to it. It sounds like it is from the same developer how uBlock is. I think i will try this too also when websites will look broken.
  2. Ok then was my first thought right but in the second though i was a bit unsure. Thank you for your very fast answer. Regards
  3. Hello, my Eset Internet Security shows an alert when i had entered a apparently bad maintained website. It identified a "JS/Spy.Agent.Z Trojan" and blocked the internetaccess for my browser. My Question is if Eset blocked the trojan before it got access to my pc or blocked the trojan's trial to communicate from my PC to outside. I don't have a english Eset version but i tried to translate what is displayed in the Eset Log: Time: ... Scanner: JavaScript-Scanner Objecttyp: File Object: https://...net Detection: JS/Spy.Agent.Z Trojaner Action: blocked User: ... Information: "A event occurred as the following application tried to access to the internet: \Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" Hash: ... First seen here: this line was blank The entry at the "Information" line seems that the trojan can be on my PC but a full scan with Eset can't find anything. Malwarebytes can't finde anything too. Booth were up to date before i started the scans. My Browser is FF (up to date) and I use the extensions Ghostery and Adblock Plus. In the past i used NoScript too. Maybe it could have helpful/assist to prevent the trojan. regards
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