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    ajgamer received kudos from fabioquadros_ in GTA V / Online Crash because of ESET Internet Security or EIS   
    That didn't work either.
    Thank you.
    Please if someone from ESET could help me with this issue?
    I uninstalled EIS again.
    I have just purchased 1 year subscription of KasperSky Internet Security 2020.
    I did nothing additional to do anything like exclusions or disable. No manual settings, just straight forward install and activated the license.
    Game is working fine, Loading everything perfectly. No Crash!
    That doesn't mean, I am stopping here. Even though I paid to KasperSky for 1 year already. I don't want to retain with them infact, I want to shift to ESET.
    Reason I bought KasperSky is because it's been around week and we have not come up to any progressive conclusion. I've given enough proof that ESET is causing the issue. I cannot keep my security at risk because ESET is not acknowledging it at all.
    If we can fix the concern, I will move back to EIS HAPPILY! (I trust ESET for a decade now).
    My License with ESET is pending to expire in 2021 (Late around November). Please also let me know how you can extend or pause that so that I don't loose my days because your software being the culprit is making me not using your services temporarily.
    Proof that GTA Online works fine with KasperSky (1 Year Subscription and not Trial).

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    ajgamer gave kudos to Marcos in GTA V / Online Crash because of ESET Internet Security or EIS   
    So disabling protocol filtering didn't help in your case which is in contrary with the findings in the Steam community forum. Disabling SSL filtering will not make any difference either then.
    I'd recommend starting Windows in safe mode and:
    - renaming "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers" to Drivers_bak
    - renaming the following drivers, one at a time:
    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\eamonm.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ehdrv.sys Let us know renaming which of the drivers resolved the issue.
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