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  1. Usually if there is any update to be made on UEFI firmware the Support Assist tool from Dell will prompt me and ask if i want to update. But nothing like this happened. Anyway, i already flashed my UEFI with Dell tools and there is a clear message in red showing when you are doing a firmware update but nothing like this with this problem. Usually when they release an update it takes at least 6 months to have another update available I hoped that i was done with that problem but the problem is starting again. I doubt that my vendor would push recurring update via UEFI. Is there any way to verify that this problem is not related to malware issues?
  2. Last week, I noticed that my computer was very very slow to boot. My computer was not POSTING and the BIOS didn't emit beep codes. My computer would stuck at Dell logo for about 45 min then booting normally and i wasn't able to enter BIOS. This week the booting problem appears to be "fixed" but something else happened. I logged off of an Windows account and when i would connect back to this same account Windows was suddenly asking me for a password where i never set one before. Eset hasn't detected nothing suspicious but i think there is something wrong. Thank you for your help!
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