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  1. Hello everyone, I have exactly the same problem as g313 and Vanburan just described, I already posted about this on the 5th of june, but nothing has changed since than although I was given a promise that this issue will be solved soon and we will be informed about that matter, I guess It's a bug. Hopefully we will get some feedback this time. thank you in advance with best regards PPMT
  2. Hello, I checked my eset portal today and I noticed that one of my devices is listed as not active for more than 14 days which is absolutely not true because I'm using it every day. I tryed to disconnect the device from my eset portal and reconnect again but It didn't help. The programme on that device is updating normally and licence is active and the device in my eset portal is listed as protected so the only thing is that is listed as not active which as I said before is not true. It looks like my eset portal doesn't detect the device is active. Can you please help me with this issue. Thank you in advance, with best regards PPMT
  3. Hello MarcFL, I have to say I have noticed the same bug in licence manager, that happened right after my eset.som portal was updated at 21st of this month. Before the update everything was working well. I hope they will fix this bug soon. At least I know that I'm not only one with the same problem. With best regards MTPP
  4. Hello, I would like to ask if there is a problem on Eset's side with virus detection updates, as Purpleroses wrote the last version of update is 22863 and it was released yesterday at 23.58 and till now I didn't get that update, I'm using Internet security. I'm also having same issue on Mobile security. I would like to know why is that happening. Thank you for your answer, with best regards PPMT
  5. Hello Purpleroses, I have same problem as you have with Eset Internet security and on Eset Mobile security. I hope we can get some info about that issue soon.
  6. Thank you for your answer, I'm glad that there is nothing wrong with the programme. Have a good day, with best regards MT
  7. Hello again, I'm still waiting for any answer to my recent post about Eset Internet Security Firewall settings. Can I kindly ask what's going on with my topic and when can I expect the answer or any help about the problem which was explained in my recent post? thank you in advance MT
  8. Hello again, I'm still waiting for any answer to my recent post about Firewall. I'm kindly asking for help and answer, thank you in advance MT
  9. Hello ESET Technical stuff, I'm using Eset Internet Security with payed license on my computer with Win 7 and I recently discovered that some parts of the Firewall settings are missing. When I open the Firewall settings and go to: Allowed services and advanced options, under the allowed services: Allow Metro applications setting is missing and under the Intrusion detection: the Allow response to ARP requests from outside the Trusted zone and DNS Poisoning attack detection setting is missing, and under the Packet inspection: Check TCP connection status, Maintain inactive TCP connections, TCP protocol overload detection, ICMP protocol message checking, Covert data in ICMP protocol detection setting are missing. Please look at the attached print screens! I didn't change any settings in the programme by myself, so my question is if that change was made by ESET and is part of any recent update of the programme during past year or so? Please let me know if those changes were made by some past updates of the programme and everything is OK with my programme and if not what is the reason for that change and what can I do to fix this problem. thank you in advance with best regards MT
  10. Thank you for your answer I'm still waiting for reply from customer support at Si Splet, like you said I did receive the ticked with the ID but nothing else, as I wrote in one of my messages the first thing which I did was to call phone support and they said they dont know where the problem is and that they will call me back which they didn't. I guess I can only wait and hope for some answer. thank you anyway, with best regards MT
  11. Hello again, I did what you said on Friday 23.10.2020, I contacted customer care via built-in form with logs from EMS, but unfortunately till now they didn't call me back like they said or contact me via email, I don't know where is the problem that customer care doesn't do anything about that matter. In any case I will inform you about that matter again. I know that I have active license for EMS I have payed for that license and I think I have the right to expect that things work without problems. with best regards MT
  12. Thank you for your answer but as I know one of differences between full license and trial is among other functions of course is that in premium or full license the programme should update automatically, so my Mobile security premium works like trial in terms of updates. I think it's nothing wrong if you check the license and I'm kindly asking you again for help with that trouble because clearly the partner will not contact ESET for further troubleshooting, I think you can find a solution for that problem. thank you again with best regards M.T.
  13. Thank you for your answer but first thing when the trouble started was that I contacted customer support at SI Splet and they advised me to reinstall the programme which I did 2 times and than I called them back and they said that they dont know and thats about it so I decided to ask for help here. Can you maybe check in your data base if everything is ok with the license they sold me? I hope we can find the solution for that problem. Thank you for your answer M. T.
  14. I just did what you said so what are next steps? Who will help me to find the solution for that problem, thank you in advance M.T
  15. Hello, if I'm getting your advice right I have to open the built-in form in the Mobile security and fill it with info about the trouble?
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