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  1. I am updating computers with the latest eset software but about 100 computers are reporting the updates are failing due to disk space. To resolve this, I have to remote control on to each PC and make space, usually by running "clear update cache" under the egui advanced setup. To save time, is there any way to run "clear update cache" from the Eset management center? Also, can this be set up to run on a regular basis by a policy or schedule to run as a task?
  2. Hi Marcos, I've sent you a message with the logs attached. Jason
  3. I have tried the amtso anti phishing website and this test fails for me. I've checked my local setup and Anti-phishing protection is enabled. I've checked a colleagues computer and the test is successful on his laptop. My colleague and I have the same policies applied and we were using the same AV version. I have upgraded my AV to the latest version (7.3.2039.0) and still i fail the test. Please advise what else i can check/try.
  4. This is an excellent idea. I would love to have this option as a task so that I could schedule it or select which computers to apply it to. It would be even better if it was possible to set up a dynamic group for computers in Eset with this information missing and then the task could be applied to that group automatically.
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