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  1. Thanks Marcos, That fixed it. Jason
  2. Hi Marcos, I've sent you a message with the logs attached. Jason
  3. I have tried the amtso anti phishing website and this test fails for me. I've checked my local setup and Anti-phishing protection is enabled. I've checked a colleagues computer and the test is successful on his laptop. My colleague and I have the same policies applied and we were using the same AV version. I have upgraded my AV to the latest version (7.3.2039.0) and still i fail the test. Please advise what else i can check/try.
  4. This is an excellent idea. I would love to have this option as a task so that I could schedule it or select which computers to apply it to. It would be even better if it was possible to set up a dynamic group for computers in Eset with this information missing and then the task could be applied to that group automatically.
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