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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I ended up restoring windows as I didn't have too many things to reinstall and it was a faster proccess than trying to fix this issue.
  2. Hi After I had the known issue where ESET files were "secretly" deleted from the program files folder, I now face a new problem. Eset refuses to start with windows. "Eset service" and "Eset Firewall Helper" services are running and set to automatic start, Eset HTTP Server is not running and set to Manual start. I am able to run eset manually. Scanning from the context menu doe not work ether if I haven't manually run eset prior to that. Currently I have EIS but in my troubleshooting I also installed Nod32 and Eset Endpoint Security with the same outcome. It's a laptop with now the latest 21H1 Win10 x64. Steps I tried so far (many times): -Normal uninstall and reinstall. -Repair install. -Revo uninstall and reinstall -Uninstall with eset uninstaller from safe mode. -Repeated uninstall and purge leftovers from safe mode until the uninstaller found nothing else. -I tried the online and offline installers, same outcome I scanned eset online scanner, windows defender and Trendmicro just to make sure it's not an infection that does that. I updated windows from 20H1 to 21H1 with ISO and tried all the above again. After nothing of the above worked, I tried the NOD32 and EES with same outcome. I really really want to avoid reinstalling windows
  3. How can I exclude a whole drive from real time scanner in the latest version of Nod Antivirus for windows? Performance exclusion won't let me choose a whole drive, detection exclusion lets me choose a drive but doesn't stop real time scanner from scanning the drive in question. I have a HDD for internal backup of photos, videos and things that I have on my SSDs, which I don't want it being scanned every now and then, there is literally no reason. It drives me crazy to have a backup disk making noise in my otherwise silent PC. It used to be the case that you could choose which drives should be included, but I don't see this anymore. Am I missing something? I am being forced to take the drive offline every time.
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