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  1. Hi, This was just one PC since i was in the testing phase. PC is a Windows 7 32-bit OS. Will try the uninstall tool in safe mode but i think this needs to be fixed?
  2. HI @Marcos Im installing both. Installing agent had no issues. Its with the Antivirus is having problem @MichalJ install just the management agent (either via GPO, or agent live installers / all in one installer with just agent, pushed by remote deployment tool). - done installing no problem here Uninstall the Endpoint V5 via software uninstall task + reboot the machine - software uninstall task is not working saying uninstall manually and I did uninstall manually only to find out that there was a "malware" and suggested to run the cleaner which I did but still no positive result.
  3. Hi! I'm trying to install Eset via the ESMC but I keep getting the error "please try to install software manually". Upon checking, the client already has an existing Eset but older version. 5.xx to be exact. Is there anyway to install the newer version without installing the old version? If I have to uninstall it manually, i'd have to go to the computers physically and boot in safe mode and uninstall.
  4. Hi SIr Marcos, Yes it is on the local drive. What would be the best option for this case?
  5. Hi! I'm currently setting up the Mirror Server functionality. The scenario looks like this. I have 3 PC's, 1 ERA Server, 1 Eset AV (Mirror), and Clients to update via Mirror I already made a policy for the Mirror Server but it seems that every time i Update it, it does not put any files on the shared folder. Sharing the screenshot of my policy and the Mirror Server that it is updated .
  6. Already Resolved this sir. Seems that there were issue on the ports. Its being blocked by the firewall we have.
  7. Hi! Seems that last connected time is not updating. I made changes to the policy assigned to the client, but it was not taking effect. Upon checking, last connected time was 10:33:27. I already updated some policies but it was not taking effect. Here are some policies I updated but it states that it is older. Is there a way to force sync this? Since im on the testing phase, I need to see the changes immediately.
  8. Hi Guys! I was researching about this functionality and I saw that it can be done via the Run Command task. Just not sure how to execute it and the prerequisites before executing. Do I get a repository wherein all installers are already there? Or each installer needs to be on client side? Please share your experiences and commands in implementing this. Thanks so much!
  9. Hi Sir Marcos, Got it sir. I installed the wrong product. License that we have is for Antivirus. The workstation that won't activate has Endpoint Security. I thought they were the same thing. Clearly an amateur mistake. Haha. Thank you so much!
  10. Hi Eset Team! I'm currently setting up the ESMC. I got the agent and product installed in the workstation via the console but I'm having a problem in the product activation task. Based on the console it was successfully finished but upon checking the computer again product is not activated. I need to make the console task working as this is going to be implemented on 600+ workstations. Thoughts on this?
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