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  1. Got it. It is Windows 10. WIll upgrade it to the latest version. Thanks!
  2. Apparently the error message appeared after the Windows Update.
  3. Hi Eset Team! Would like to share the error message that one of our user encountered. What could have prompt the error message?
  4. Does Eset AV have memory usage benchmark? I need to data for the memory usage of endpoint AV and too lazy to check it one by one. - Memory Usage when booting up - When scanning - When in IDLE mode - When Using applications/browsers
  5. Thank you all for your inputs. Whats weird with this is ultraVNC is installed in all workstations but this specific client that is having warnings is my mirror server for the Antivirus.
  6. Hi Eset Team! May I ask if there is any logs that can be generated in ESMC? There were several attack attempts on one of our PC in office. We would like to investigate the attempted attack
  7. Hi Sir @Marcos, need feedback from you.
  8. Hi Sir @Marcos, now that we know the root cause of the issue. How do i implement this via remote install? I'm pretty sure that majority of our workstations are in Win 7.
  9. On 1 pc it is already installed with SP1. I tried to download the updates and after that it work perfectly fine buy manually installing the software. Thanks for this!
  10. Hi Sir Marcos, Problem is still recurring on the same OS's. Windows 7 32-bit. I can uninstall the existing Eset AV but on reinstalling the Eset Package from Console (Eset for 32 bit) it does not continue further. It was saying that there was a malware detected and needs to run a specialized cleaner but after running, and reinstalling again no progress. Please advise on how to resolve this. Installing Eset on Windows 7 32-bit seems to be having problems and can you test also on your end if you can replicate the issue.
  11. Hi! May I ask what is the most significant difference from the old ERA vs the new ESMC? I'm trying to find out the big difference between the two. Do we have some kind of change logs for the updates? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, This was just one PC since i was in the testing phase. PC is a Windows 7 32-bit OS. Will try the uninstall tool in safe mode but i think this needs to be fixed?
  13. HI @Marcos Im installing both. Installing agent had no issues. Its with the Antivirus is having problem @MichalJ install just the management agent (either via GPO, or agent live installers / all in one installer with just agent, pushed by remote deployment tool). - done installing no problem here Uninstall the Endpoint V5 via software uninstall task + reboot the machine - software uninstall task is not working saying uninstall manually and I did uninstall manually only to find out that there was a "malware" and suggested to run the cleaner which I did but still no posi
  14. Hi! I'm trying to install Eset via the ESMC but I keep getting the error "please try to install software manually". Upon checking, the client already has an existing Eset but older version. 5.xx to be exact. Is there anyway to install the newer version without installing the old version? If I have to uninstall it manually, i'd have to go to the computers physically and boot in safe mode and uninstall.
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