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  1. Hi, thanks for your advice. After scanning I found AV: ESET Security (Enabled - Up to date) {EC1D6F37-E411-475A-DF50-12FF7FE4AC70} AS: ESET Security (Enabled - Up to date) {577C8ED3-C22B-48D4-E5E0-298D0463E6CD} FW: ESET Firewall (Enabled) {D426EE12-AE7E-4602-F40F-BBCA8137EB0B} in Addition.txt file (+ som errors in log from time I tried to let eset repair itself) and S3 esihdrv; C:\Users\Kubo\AppData\Local\Temp\esihdrv.sys [149928 2020-05-08] (ESET, spol. s r.o. -> ESET) <==== ATTENTION in FRST file. If my understanding of tutorial is correct I now create Fixlist.txt file, copy those lines into this file and click on Fix, right? Thanks for advice in advance.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I'll upload results of eset log collector here. + Marcos, do you recommend me trying to use method proposed by SeriousHoax? *edit Found log from eset uninstall tool, idk whether its gonna be useful ELC_logs.zip ~ESETUninstaller.log
  3. Hi, thanks for answer. I tried to uninstall eset as you suggested, everything went fine, but the only eset security that disappeared was the one working correctly. The mysterious eset is still there. (yes, I did also run uninstall tool in safe mode, only thing it found were some leftovers I think)
  4. Hi, after unsuccessful oculus app installation, I disabled my eset antivirus thinking it might be the cause, but installation failed again. After checking oculus setup logs I found out, that besides one Eset Security antivirus I disabled there is one more Eset Security antivirus listed. Does anyone know what this not-disabled eset might be? How do I disable this second Eset as well? Thanks for help in advance. Jakub
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