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  1. I have this issue as well now. ESET Endpoint Security v6 Windows 10 I wondered if it was a windows update, but a system restore didn't solve the problem. Going to try a fresh install of ESET. I had upgraded from Win 7 -> 10 about four/five months ago and didn't have any issues until now.
  2. I feel like an idiot. Just type them in. It's slightly different, there's no add button to click. A mod can delete my thread.
  3. Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded to Enpdpoint 6 and I'm trying to add some subnets to the trusted zones. But this doesn't seem possible. In Endpoint 5 the edit button actually allowed you to edit the trusted zones. In 6 it just shows me the ones included. From the description on the Trusted Zone pop up window "The actual trused zone is computed from these adresses (sic) and adresses specified in networks marked as home/work". The problem is that the subnet I want to add is listed in known networks as a home/work network, yet it does not appear in the trusted zones. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Great help thanks! I was just looking for the same thing.
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