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  1. I'm trying to uninstal but when arriving to the drives removing it doesn't end this process. Is this usual?
  2. Perhaps, but why it doesn't happen with other startup items that I have setup? And do you know what W10 config can affect this?
  3. Yes I verified it was not there. Meanwhile the support told me to uninstall-reboot-reinstall. But since my workaround was successful I will wait for a next update of the software and see what happens.
  4. Yes I have the same entry but it doesn't show any icon at the system tray. That's what I want to see. So I decided to create an entry to the egui.exe at the startup folder. That one opens the window and the icon in the system tray.
  5. No I mean the window not the splash screen. I already sent a ticket to support
  6. I have the eset gui start with OS startup but I want the window start hidden or minimized. How to do that?
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