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  1. Thanks for the good advice. In the meantime, I've discovered - thanks to help from Dropbox support - what the problem was. It turns out that Dropbox was attempting to synchronize a couple of files from a German relative. When doing some updating the relative a couple of years ago, I made back up files from an old PC. Two of these files, I eventually learned, included "startmeinweb.de.". This was a start part for Internet Explorer that at that time (2012-2014) was connected with a malware. The reason this wasn't immediately obvious: when Dropbox syncs files, as you may well kno
  2. Great - again, thanks. Yes, the response reads: The detection is rather correct. It's an IE shortcut to a blocked website which is detected. The website is set by malware MSIL/StartPage.CD trojan as the default homepage. Good to know - but what I still don't know: (a) since I'm using a Mac, how did an IE shortcut get inserted into my machine? And, more practically: how do I remove this trojan as none of my security software is finding it on the machine? Many thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Thanks for this. I've submitted the file logs - the file itself is always deleted by ESET - to samples[at]eset.com as you suggested: no response yet. In the meantime, I've discovered that Dropbox is trying to sync with startmeinweb.de.html - as it does so, the effort to install the trojan takes place and then is detected and deleted by ESET. This appears to be only on one machine - i.e., Dropbox on my other machines doesn't show the same behavior. I've also sent a request for help from Dropbox. If still relevant, the recent log files are attached. Again, many thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, Over the past few days, ESETS has been cleaning a particular threat, "LH/Agent.CH trojan" that is repeatedly inserted in a hidden folder in my Dropbox account: I use a variety of security softwares - Malwarebytes, ESETS, Bitdefender: apart from ESETS, there is no other indication of a problem when I run a scan. I've no idea what would be able to insert such as file. Fortunately for me, it's malware for Windows while I use Macs. Tips, tricks and suggestions? Many thanks in advance
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