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  1. And whether through a shorter period to be enabled automatic PCU updates from the interface ESS7 ?
  2. My ess7 says that the current version of 7030226, and when the click to check for program updates, I get a notice that I use the most current version and that no new version for upgrade ...?
  3. Manuel uninstall ess 7030226 befor install new version or not uninstall ?
  4. This problem was only once a few weeks ago and since then everything is fine. So the whole day ess7 could not be upgraded or access any server for updates. Since then everything is fine.
  5. Hello Swex. Thanks for the replies. For me it was not. I may not be well described the event: One morning, I started the PC and Eset showed that the anti-virus database from yesterday. How does not automatically upgraded to the new virus definitions, a few times I started manually upgrade. Did not work. He kept ESS7 showed that there is a newer version of antivirus signatures. I contacted the local Eset support, and from them I was informed that it is not a problem in my computer but it is a global problem Eset and it will soon be resolved. This situation lasted all day, and only late in
  6. Hello Peter. I had a situation that is not the whole day ess7 upgrades, and support local Eset says it was not a problem in my pc but the problem was global. This situation occurred in Croatia. So I wonder whether Eset has a website on which to publish currently ongoing problems of any kind without affecting the operation of ESET products.
  7. Is there some Eset website where it would be possible to see whether in a region of the world there are problems with updating or any other problems that affect the operation of ESET products? I already asked but there was no response, repeat ad ...
  8. A few days ago, ess7 for hours could not upgrade to the location of the Croatian. Local support says that the problem was a global level with the servers. I'm interested in whether the eset page or anywhere, can see the current global Eset or server problems, so I'm familiar with it and that I have no doubt at fault on my computer when ess can not upgrade?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I was a little confused by what warning implausible ssl certificate to get Internet Explorer 11, and when I use google chrome then no amount of warning. So, for this is the SysInspector reports do not have to take any action ....
  10. Greetings to everyone here. I am a new user on your forum, so let me introduce myself: I'm Max, I come from the Croatian, and use of 04.30.2014 ESET Smart Security 7, on Windows 8.1, 64 bit. I do not know English well, so I use google translator. I have a couple of beginner's questions, because so far I have not used ess. I have used so far Norton, Avast, Comodo, Kaspersky and ESET now using for the first time. The installation was standard, and I accepted the use of a live grid and I accepted that I warned of the potentially dangerous applications. After the installation, and afte
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