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  1. Thank you Kurco! Cheers. NOTE Management is working from ESMC v7.0 also. Overview details are updated, Configuration working, other components as well.
  2. Hi Kurco, Thank you very much, now its clear. Can I manually download and install Linux v7, and use it with this version of ESMC and Agent? Can I upgrade Agent without upgrading ESMC, or ESMC upgrade is a must to get new versions for Agent? Cheers!
  3. Well I have, but this is the latest version for Linux. For Windows I have 7.xxx versions, also for MAC 6.xxx versions. How to get 7.1.xxx package versions over repo, or I have to go with URL download? Thank you Marcos.
  4. Hi Marcos, Management Agent 7.0.471.0 is installed over live agent installation package. For security product I tried to install ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security for Linux When choosing package from repository these are the only packages I can choose for linux.. Am I doing something wrong here...? Thank you for help!
  5. Thanks Martin, Do you refer to manual installation of security product or agent? Can you please provide short instruction on how to perform manual installation, or some link with instructions?
  6. Hi, We are implementing antivirus protection for linux servers. Problem is that we get Installation status failed when installing ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security for Linux; version for linux, on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS server. Agent version 7.0.471.0 installation was successful(although reporting that it is outdated version). We are using ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.577.0), installation is triggered through ERA client task. After tasks finishes with status failed ESET Server Security appears under Products and Licenses, as in screenshot attached. Any recommendation or suggestions are welcome! Thank you.
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