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  1. >The domain is not blocked at the moment Yes, that was unblocked yesterday morning via other ESET support's help. Thanks for the answer, anyway. >Strange that there are "legit" domains with offensive 3-letter words in the name and show only a smile on the main page. That website is DynDNS'ed one (my home computer), and it serves for several small projects within one domain name (in different folders). They are totally separated from each other, have different visitors etc. This is the reason I do not create the main page - there is nothing crosslinked among them all but the smile.
  2. Hi Marcos, my small and simple website is being blocked by NOD32 for several days now: I scanned my URL with hxxp://www.scumware.org and it reports this: 2014-04-26 16:17:16 hxxp://parasite.kicks-######.org/wshots/ 5A7687C5FB4C42DDBA25E5C1D30EDE9B ESET HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus This is the VirusTotal report: https://www.virustotal.com/ru/url/3511e3688e66310bad220a0d39f13de8ec55e2c38ad2893193d27a83d11ecccc/analysis/1398657265/ (only ESET and its "friends" detect "something", but no one else). I scanned the whole folder with NOD32 (with the most recent databases) and found ZER
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