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  1. It is. We have a dispute with both of our neighbors, Bulgaria on the east and Greece on the south. Bulgaria doesn't recognize our language/nationality, Greece doesn't recognize our country name/nationality They both kinda think we don't exist and we are either Bulgarians or Greeks... For things to be more interesting, we used to be a part of Yugoslavia until it got disbanded in 1990/1991 and Yugoslavia consisted of: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia
  2. 1071 is probably for Macedonian since I'm from Macedonia and any locale/language/region etc on my devices is either English or Macedonian. It doesn't matter anyway.
  3. Sorry for double post. Looks like I was right. Editing the .json file on my laptop, and changing those 3 values, saving the file, running the .exe again, makes the scanner work. It's probably a regional/locale/language problem and it's probably an easy fix. Also considering there's a more widespread problem of the scanner not displaying some text that I keep reading about, please fix this.
  4. Hi Sorry for kinda resurrecting this, but I have the exact same problem that is described by the guy who opened this thread. On my desktop computer, it starts fine. On my laptop however, no. Both are Windows 10 fully updated. I have no other real-time security software except default Windows defender on both computers. I used to have BitDefender on the laptop but uninstalled a week ago or so. The contents of this location C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ESET\ESETOnlineScanner are eos3ini.json periodic_notify_scan.png periodic_notify_upgrade
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