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  1. Thanks, for all the help. As you said this seems to be a Linux issue, so will try out that link.
  2. Seemingly working! Managed to get the legacy BIOS to boot and it work. Not sure if this is an issue but there is text coming up saying: "watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU2 stock for 22s! [swapper/0:1]" this has occurred a number of times is this okay?
  3. I tried this method and ended up getting the same error. I'm starting to think I may have the 32bit download? Or is choosing fat32 effecting this? as Rufus was auto choosing this. and choosing NTFS the laptop wont boot to the usb at all, the BIOS screen just refreshes
  4. I downloaded on 64bit windows 10 installed on my PC
  5. Thinkpad E560 i5-6200U cant seem to find whether the UEFI BIOS is 32 or 64bit
  6. Installed .iso onto USB using Rufus. Getting error message only 64-bit images support in top right (when trying to start scan on laptop). I have used my main PC instead of the laptop I am trying to fix. Not sure what is causing this and there seems to be no mention of this error only on google or this forum. Please help.
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