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  1. I've tried to create the complete installation package from the Remote Administrator server (agent and antivirus). The installation failed (with malware activity warning) and I've read these lines in the logs during the installation of the agent: Property(S): P_HIPS_STOP_ERROR_CAPTION = HIPS Stop Error MSI (c) (C0:CC) [19:12:42:921]: Creating MSIHANDLE (1244) of type 790531 for thread 1484 MSI (c) (C0:CC) [19:12:42:921]: Closing MSIHANDLE (1244) of type 790531 for thread 1484 Property(S): P_HIPS_STOP_ERROR_TEXT = Host-based Intrusion Prevention System was not able to stop, therefore instal
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the problem was not solved starting the installer from administrator command prompt. The user is Administrator. Is it possible that the problem is a not updated windows installer (version 3.01.4001.5512) ? Attached the new log. Regards log.txt
  3. Good morning, I have some problems installing the Remote Administrator Agent v6.5 (standalone installer MSI) on Windows XP Professional SP3. The installation ends prematurely with the MSI fatal error 2826. Attached logs with the details of the operations. Regards log.txt
  4. Ok, clear. Unfortunately the only server I have is the already mentioned one. Thx
  5. Ok, so I need EES 6.5 for clients and EFSW 6.5 for the server. What about the remote management ? Do I need also to install ERA v6.5.34.0 on a dedicated server ? The last question: Offline activation is possible for all these products ? Thank you very much
  6. Hi, I need your help to in order to setup a remote management system based on ESET solutions for a legacy system composed by a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 Standard edition 32 bit and about ten client based on Windows XP Embedded SP3 32 bit. I've read in ESET KBs that the basic support is guaranteed yet. I know that they are very old unsupported OS but at this moment is not possible to upgrade them and they are physically isolated from the rest of the company and from Internet. Is it possible to implement a solution based on ESET Remote Administrator on the server and an Antivirus agen
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