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  1. Changing to Learning mode did the trick! It worked! But....i was trying to install SourceMod and Metamod and had to restart the server. I did but after starting it again, it wont start. I looked into the server log and says Socket bind failed (WSAEACCES) This is my internal ip: What may be the problem ? [edit] Its working now! The problem: automatic mode. The server worked again after i switched again to learning mode. It was blocking the connection. Dont know which port should i allow it but as long the server works in this mode, its fine for me. Thanks to everyone!
  2. Sorry for the delay. I have deleted the server before because it wasn't working. It took a while but its finished now. I will try it and say what happened afterwards thx for the replies
  3. I created a server, did everything but i still cant connect to the server. I know its the firewall because i can connect using the ip method (console command "connect ipserver"). Other than that, i cant connect. My question is: how to allow the server to connect ? Allow the ports. I tried everything and didnt worked. This is what it looks like In the Personal firewall is automatic mode. I even added a port forward in the router configuration
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