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  1. I have a second server running 2016 on the same domain, but it will have a different IP address. I have of site computers that connect through port 2222, I would just need to point the port to then new server. This sounds like it will be complicated. I am the back up IT guy, many people lost their jobs here due to Covid. I am trying my best and appreciate any help you give.
  2. Thanks, I see that now. I overlooked the software requirement. I will have to move it my window server 2016 machine. Do you have a link to send me, to learn how to back up and move the SMC to a different server?
  3. I am having a trouble upgrading my SMC component to 7.1.717. I have run the component upgrade through client tasks, which says "Task finished successfully" I have attached a screen shot of the component upgrade. All components were upgraded but the SMC as show on the Overview screen shot. The overview file attach still shows the software for the SMC is out of date. I am running windows server 2008 R2 SP3 and have upgrade the sqlexpress to 10.5.600.34 which I think is needed from what I have read. Can someone help point me in the right direction.
  4. Ok, I redid the agent like you asked and connected via vpn to my local network with ESMC server and all is fine. Once I disconnect the VPN the management center now can not see the client anymore. Is there a way to configure the agent so It can connect to my server with being connected to a vpn software?
  5. Please excuse my lack of understanding of this process. Our company had many layoff due to the Covid 19 and my head security officer has been laid off. I am looking for help in setting up agent on local PC's that are on the outside of our network. All local domain computer are functioning as expected with tasks from Security Management Center. I about 5 pc's that are at other locations that I would like to manage with SMC. Only when the PC are logon onto the network through a VPN software does the SMC apply the tasks correctly. Problem is, these computers really don't log in to the network very often, only to get rare files. I have tried to set up the agent to connect to the server hosting SMC. I have set up firewall ports 2221-2225 to point to this server using the same url that the VPN connects to successfully. Could someone please help me with what this error means?
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