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  1. Damn, it just seems strange that the only time eset stops displaying icons, it also detects a virus. Just feeling very paranoid about how it was able to hide itself when i scanned with various other antivirus and how many other virus's i have which haven't been found yet.
  2. Ricky, delete files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ESET\ESETOnlineScanner folder and run the exe again, that solved it for me. Marcos, the only change i can see that happened overnight was Windows installing the following update 9PKDZBMV1H3T-Microsoft.GetHelp. Has EOS had any issues with this before?
  3. Sorry to reopen this topic but is there any chance EOS threw up a false positive relating to Windows Update KB4549951? Since I have no idea what infection was removed and how long it had been on my computer (since i scanned multiple times with EOS the previous 2 days and i had no threats), I'm not sure if it might be safer to just format the whole drive.
  4. Thanks for coming back to me. Does EOS automatically quarantine all infections or just PUP's?
  5. Hi there, I had some issues with ESET Online Scanner on Friday morning where the text wouldn't show. I went ahead and ran a full scan anyway around 9am (with the option to quarantine PUP enabled) but around the time it started scanning the syswow folder, an infection popped up. I stupidly cancelled the scan and deleted the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ESET\ESETOnlineScanner to reinstall ESET so the text would show and I'll be able to see what was blocked but I hadn't realized that the file had been moved to quarantine. As i cancelled half way through, the log doesnt show what was deleted and I had already deleted the quarantine folder straight after the scan. I had ran a full scan the night before which showed no malware present. The only change was the ESET modules updating from 45146 to 45148. I also ran a windows update on the 15th so i don't think it's that. Is there any other way to find out exactly what I was infected with?
  6. Hi, don't worry the issues has been fixed now. Deleting the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ESET folder seems to have fixed the issue. Just ran the installer again and everything is working okay.
  7. It was working fine yesterday, but after i removed an .emu file, i've encountered the below issue. I have downloaded the installer from the website multiple times and nothing changes. Please can i know how to fix this?
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