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  1. Marcos Actually... sorry, that didn't work. I have the same problem. Ian
  2. yes that worked, thank you very much Have a nice day and stay safe
  3. Yes, but this is nothing to do with airdrop. It is a request from a Raspberry Pi. I have a custom profile which is "Home" plus 1) allow all in and out from fe80:: and 2) allow all in and out from a range of IP addressses (including the Pi). mac OS 10.15.4 ESET CEP 6.8.300.0 Thank you
  4. I hope someone can help me. How do I allow internal traffic from a remote VScode server (using SSH). This service seems to use a diferent port everytime it starts. I have allowed all traffic in and out of it's IPv4 address. 16/04/2020, 08:34:59 No usable rule found [::]:50414 [::1c1e:c4ee:0:0]:50406 TCP root 16/04/2020, 08:34:55 No usable rule found [::]:50409 [::1c1e:c4e9:0:0]:50406 TCP root 16/04/2020, 08:34:51 No usable rule found [::]:50396 [::1c1e:c4dc:0:0]:50393 TCP root 16/04/2020, 08:34:49 No usable rule found [::]:50397 [::1c1e:c4dd:0:0]:50393 TCP root 16/04/2020, 08:34:48 No usable rule found [::]:50396 [::1c1e:c4dc:0:0]:50393 TCP root Thank you
  5. Any news on this please ? I also have three licences. It took me a frustrating week to track down the issue (plus no paths to applications in interactive mode) to Cyber Security Pro. I find it difficult to believe that ESET would leave me alone in the dark (thinking I had three infected machines) struggling to find the problem when they know already know it is an issue.
  6. Of course the common denominator across all macs is that I have just upgraded to Eset v6. Its a bug..... https://forum.eset.com/topic/2107-version-6-kernel-panic-firewall-application-paths/#entry13451 I do hope Eset sort this out asap
  7. This is driving me crazy now. I have tried google but can find nothing relevant. Yesterday afternoon the following "applications" tried to get out through my firewall to IPs on 80 or 443 "R" (apple) "A" (Akamai) "\" (Amazon) "i" (Dropbox) Is no one able to shed any light on this ? This is happening on all three of my macs. It started about a week ago. I have not installed any new applcations around that time and certainly not across all three macs. I have run eset, sophos, symantic and Dr Web virus checkers and all report clean. I have called Eset tech supprt who said that if the virus checker reports nothing then I have nothing to worry about. They said it will be an application searching for updates. I find that very difficult to believe. If you wrote a legitiamte app why would you create apps on the fly with such obscure names to search for updates, as well as the above the following have also tried .... } ]
  8. Now application "E" wants access to remote port 443. I would welcome any informed opinion Thank you
  9. I have Cyber Security Pro inslalled on 3 mac computers. Each has the firewall set up to prevent any outgoing communication, interactive mode. I have a hardware SonicWall Firewall which prevents all incoming connections. This week all three mac's have been asking for permission to use remote ports 80 and 443 for apps called a, d, h, n, ], } and ". The remote locations are apple, google and Akaimai servers. I have denied every request. I have run a full scan as well as a Sophos scan and Dr.Web, with no threats found. I am still worried. Should I be ? Thank you
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