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  1. Hi Macros thanks for quick response. Any idea how to get out of this, It seems always creating issues on everyones mac. It showing down internet & system as well,
  2. While checking the bandwidth issue got to know that esets_proxy process consuming a lot of bandwidth and reason for some packet drop. So wanted to kill this process but not able to kill it. Force quit not working for this process.
  3. Hi Marcos, Its really weird that I am unable to get the file as ESET is blocking this and its showing has as I mentioned, which apparently I am unable to find anywhere. Hash - 623DDF7B09D9C8DA3BB056C7CB4856AB11325BAA I don't understand what ESET is finding and how its showing hash which doesn't have any information. Please help me to investigate this.
  4. Please provide description about DOC/TrojanDownloader.Agent.BAH. Hash - 623ddf7b09d9c8da3bb056c7cb4856ab11325baa
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