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  1. از همه شما تشکر می کنم Thank you all
  2. I mean, my website has been filtered by eset. Web address: www.usernod.ir Unfortunately, language differences can lead to harder work. googe translate the translation is not correct.
  3. Thank you all. But to me like you do not understand. My site is blocked by eset Want to put your body better website get noticed?
  4. I am Iranian and I do not fluent in English. And this is a big problem. You want to be friends please help me in solving this problem. I have a website where they sell eset license. My website has been blocked by eset company. Now I do not know what to do! To fix the block. Can you please help me in solving this problem. I am waiting for your reply. Again, thank you.
  5. I do not know what to do exactly that page! I got my fix to block what should i do? Please explain more. I do not speak the English language. Google Translath speak.
  6. Hi I have a website where your products and your company in its statutory licenses give users. Now I wanted to know why the site is blocked by your company? What should I do to fix the block? Thank you
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