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  1. in this case I put it. hxxp://myserveraddress: 2221 ? NOTE: I have already configured the mirror on an ESFW.
  2. Hello team, how are you? How do I change the display name of my account here on the forum?
  3. Hello Team, all right? I would like to know how do I configure local update of ESET Endpoint Android. I saw that in the Android policy have the option to update locally, but haven't options to configure. Could you help me understand how it works? and how to configure?
  4. we have a case where: we had ERA v6, but the server just died and the server was formatted. we uploaded a new server with the ESMC v7 console and now we need to deploy the agents. But all stations already have the agent trying to communicate with the console that no longer exists. I would like to know the best way to redeploy agents so we can communicate with the new console. Kind regads,
  5. Sorry for the delay....apparently ERA Server was corrupted and this error doesn't disappear. The only way to resolve this problem was make a BKP from the database and reinstall the software. For now the application is running and updating normally. Anyway, thanks for the support!
  6. Hello everyone Well, i make some supports for ESET clients here in Brazil, and one of these clients owns a large number of desktops with the Linux Mint Cinnamon 14 (Codename: Nadia) 32-bits Operational System (hxxp://www.linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=117). This client have the interest in blocking USB devices in these desktops. I have made the rule on ERA Server and the rule is applied , but the options appears like fading away (See image below). The rule doesnt work, any USB devices opens, even with the rule. and in the local machine these rules wont change, only if a change is made in the ERA Server's policy. My question is....this version of the O.S is compatible with our solution, or i have made a mistake and i forgot something? Thanks again!!
  7. Thanks for the reply This error is occuring in a customer that we make support. I had send for him that link, and he make some of these procedures. Apparently that error message has gone, but now appears that the update download start, but appears a new error message: "Couldnt_copy_file " When this error appears, in general i stop ERA's service and try to start again, make a new update download. But isnt working Do you know a way that this error message dont appear again? Tks "
  8. Hello everyone, I'm having a big trouble from update processing of the ERA Server. When I try to download the update occurs the following error shown in the image below: ">hxxp:// My version is the Portuguese-BR, but this error tells about a error named 40021,1. Every time i try to start the update download this error occurs. I have looking for this error on ESET Knowledge Base but i have found nothing about that. If Someone could help, i will be very grateful, Tks Everyone
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