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  1. Yes I hit every button I could and I've got them but it's wanting me to email them
  2. No and my hacker is in .y phone right now. I'm sorry he's using an active user code in my att modem. He's also using my wifi
  3. When I click my phone after a scan it says it was last scanned 6 hrs ago or an hour ago. I turn it off and back on and it picks it up. Will I have to turn it off and on every time I scan? Also it doesn't give me the option to rename my phone. The pen isn't there. It did for my Chromecast but that's it. Did y'all name my router because tonight it was named and I did not name it. Will this software pick up a hacker if they're in my phone? I just got this phone because my last one was hacked.
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