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  1. Perfect! That did the trick! :)


    However... I could completely erase the data from EMS from Settings -> Applications -> Manage... So, in case the phone is stolen or lost, anyone could simply erase the data as I did and the password in EMS won't have any effect.


    Not totally complaining, but I see a flaw right there.


    Anyways, thanks for your help! :)

  2. Hello,


    I am using a Motorola Atrix MB860 with Android 2.3.6.


    I am not being able to access the EMS interface, since it gets closed almost instantly. Sometimes I can't even see the interface, sometimes I am only able to see it for less than a second.

    I tried to uninstall EMS, but I am not able to do it, since the uninstallation always fails (due to the password protection, I assume).


    Any ideas?


    Thanks in advance.

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