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  1. Is there a report or dashboard in Security Management Center that will show me the rapid response module version? I can only find reporting on the detection engine version.
  2. Marco, thanks for the updates. Detection engine 21133 is fixing the issue for us as well.
  3. We also just started detecting JS/Kryptik-BPH on all of our ESET Endpoint Antivirus ver 7.2. We rolled back today's updates on a few endpoints and they stopped detecting. We think there's a problem in today's updates causing a false positive detection of JS/Kryptik-BPH. We contacted ESET Support but haven't heard any confirmation of the problem to when to expect updates.
  4. Beginning this morning all of our ESET managed workstations are throwing detection alerts for JS/Kryptik.BPH. Many seem to be related to web browsing but not to one single web site. But ESET is also detecting JS/Kryptik.BPH in .js files not related to browser cache. If we rollback the signature updates all the detection alerts stop. We are suspecting a problem with today's signature updates causing a false positive alert for JS/Kryptik.BPH. Is anyone else experience this issue today?
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