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  1. @Marcos : Would the command "update definitions" from EMSC work with the Rapid Response module. ?
  2. Thank you Marcos, We are being flooded by JS/Kryptik-BPH right now. Do you suggest we roll back all clients from ESMC or push a new detection update ? Has it been corrected yet ?
  3. High number of JS/Kryptik.BPH reported by EMSC this morning on multiple clients Endpoints They all point to .js files (a few variant have been analysed) Virus total say all files are clean (by sha1 hash) and by URL scan ESET Malware detected : (station's name) : JS/Kryptik.BPH An Event Log notification has occurred with the following parameters: Threat type: trojan Threat name: JS/Kryptik.BPH URI : https://acdn.adnxs.com/strikeforce/(added by OP)script.js Computer name: (station's name) Logged user: (station's name)\(user) Time of occurrence: 4/8/20, 9
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