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  1. It had nothing to do with web browsing. It was always triggered by the virus update from the software and the process that triggered the panic was always esets_daemon. This process also caused me a lot of trouble in v5 because esets_daemon would run up my cpu and fan every time eset was updating.
  2. I’ve had two kernel panics since I updated to version 6 yesterday. I should also add that yesterday I cloned my old HD to a new larger one and the panics occurred after using the new one as eset was trying to update its virus database. This last one was caused by esets_daemon so I uninstalled ESET entirely. I’m amazed that other people are finding the same problem. I should also add that esets_daemon has caused me a lot of trouble even on version 5 as it uses up a lot of my processor and causes the fans to kick up.
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