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  1. This is what happens to me, Firefox isn't filtering at all on a new install/new Windows install. Other browsers did but not Firefox.
  2. Hi, Yes the filtering is working for Edge but not Firefox. I just did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro and ESET and ssl filtering is not working with Firefox 75 on a clean Windows install either :(. I'm not sure what else to try if it's not working on a clean Windows 10 Pro and ESET install. I did another log collection (this time it completed but said there were warnings present?). I tried toggling the setting your mentioned, the exclude communication with trusted domains and that doesn't seem to do anything. Just to clarify: The SSL filtering does NOT work with Firefox but it DOES
  3. Hi, I have added the log files. -edit- I'm now going to try a clean install of Windows 10 Pro and see if that works, will report back. eis_logs.zip
  4. Hi, I do not see that. When looking at the certificate information it just shows Verified by Digicert.
  5. Hi Marcos, thank you for your help. I just checked and I do see that option enabled on my Firefox install. How come I am not seeing the "Verified by ESET" or any mention of ESET when browsing with https on Firefox? I'm trying to verify if ssl filtering is working properly between ESET and Firefox.
  6. Hi, I'm having the same issues with a brand new install of ESET Internet Security and Firefox 74.0.1 on Windows 10. ESET doesn't seem to be properly scanning ssl/https connections on Firefox (I tested an eicar file through https and ESET detected it through http and on Chrome and Edge but did not detect it through https on Firefox). There is no ESET cert located in the Authorities section of my Firefox install but there is an ESET cert located in my Windows Cert Store. When browsing with Firefox I don't see any ESET related certifications but on Chrome and Edge I see the normal "ESET SSL
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