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  1. They should remove it (in built updater) if it's not working properly. Users always have to watch the security forums to see what's happening.
  2. Setup - Enter Advanced Setup - Update - Settings - Clear Update Cache - Worked for me and I managed to update it manually
  3. Hello zerotox. Read this thread and contact Marcos via PM. Maybe it's the same issue. I had that problem with previous version ( 7.0.302) but not with 7.0.317.
  4. Same happened to me, but Lastpass solved that issue.
  5. That's a new license, right? I don't think you can renew your current one with a new license. Wait till the last day of your current license and enter a new license into program.
  6. Hello Richard. Thank you for your suggestion. No problems here with ESET AV. I have no plans to use Eset Smart Security in the near future. Actually I would like to try it again but currently I'm a little busy at the moment so don't have much time to investigate this issue. Also I'm not sure that ESET was the culprit.
  7. Nothing to worry if you use two different passwords. Otherwise...disconnect your FB account and create new account on this forum. And change passwords of course.
  8. They did the similar thing here and there. I didn't post it to bash ESET. It's not ESET's fault.
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