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  1. Hello, I'm using Win 10 Professional on my home computer, and I was trying to connect to a server (client to server scenario). I temporarily uninstalled ESET and after I was able to complete the Web site certificate installation in the Trusted root Certification Authorities. It appears that ESET was blocking the window to approve the certificate installation. Finally, I re-installed ESET and I still have access to the web site. Thank you for the tips, Joe
  2. Hello, Like a lot of people, I'm trying to work from home. How can I configure ESET NOD32 (version to allow a connection to a server with RD Web Access? I added the certificate to the Trusted root Certification Authorities, but I still can't access to the Web site. I don't see any option of "firewall troubleshooting wizard" in ESET NOD32. Thank you! Joe
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