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  1. Oh believe me I do......problem is on my laptop it won't let me in through safe mode. It never accepts my password that I use otherwise (my friend set my laptop up for me, it was a Microsoft account associated with my university's e-mail). I suspect it had something to do with how it was setup because I had no issues doing it on my desktop. For some reason the local accounts don't show up, I tried enabling the default 'Administrator' account and a local account with Administrative privileges so I could make changes in safe mode. I tried it with safe mode and networking as well, I can connect to the internet but the default account still won't accept the password (which is a Microsoft account). Safe mode does ask for a password, but it never accepts it. The local accounts don't show up for me to enter them for some reason. It's odd, I doubt anyone will know how to resolve this without a Microsoft rep though. I'll see if I can reach one at some point.
  2. Hey itman, The icon/program doesn't show up in my list of programs that I can uninstall (I had attempted to uninstall it previously and it seemed to work). I deleted the folder in the C drive off my laptop with the remaining files to erase all traces of it. But upon attempting to reinstall the latest version it tells me I already have the latest version on my system. I'll stick Windows Defender on my laptop if there's no way to get around it for now, just wondering if you knew why it would tell me I have the latest version on my laptop when I already uninstalled it.
  3. Good news is I successfully uninstalled it on my desktop and it took my license key, ironically my laptop which had the more recent version is turning out to be a headache. I've been trying to boot into safe mode on my laptop (for about 5 hours) to run the uninstall tool to delete it because it won't uninstall normally. It keeps asking me for a password but never accepts my password (my Windows password, started using the Hello Pin feature), so I can never reach the desktop from safe mode and I've looked up all sorts of methods (including enabling the Admin account that never shows up). Is there any other way to remove the fragments from this program that linger on my laptop without having to go through safe mode and using the uninstall tool on my laptop? If not I might have to forego having it dual run on my laptop as well.
  4. Sure enough it is the outdated version 9, makes sense since my desktop was in storage for 3 years without being used. The version on my laptop is version (License information -> ESET Smart Security Premium). It was definitely a license for that product that I upgraded to 2 devices for. I always use the official ESET website as well. I just tried to uninstall the old version off my desktop and it stops in the middle of the process telling me I don't have access to the key (likely because it expired). I was going to uninstall the old version, install the new version and try inputting my license key to see if it goes through. Anyone know how to deal with this? I was under the assumption once updates for new versions were available, ESET programs detected them and downloaded them automatically. Do I need to manually uninstall old versions once its life cycle ends, install the new versions and enter my license key per every major release? I tried to install ESET Smart Security Premium from the website (30 day trial) to see if I can override the previous installation and it says this:
  5. Hello all, I just upgraded my ESET Internet Security Suite to 2 devices, from 1 device (yesterday). I try to enter my license key in ESET Internet Security Suite on my desktop but it keeps rejecting it. My license key is [REDACTED], can someone please look into this?
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